Our programming

In addition to our annual Live Holiday Radio Show tradition begun this year, we are committed to bringing history-based artistic and educational performance, events, and workshops to our community at large. In less than a year we have reached over 900 community members ranging between the ages of 5-90 with our innovative programming.


Our Mission

An arm of the Children’s Shakespeare Society, Small Batch Arts is committed to producing pre-professional and professional art, educational, dance, and theatrical events which harken to a time gone by.

For Example…


17th Century Dance weekend

February 2018

Featuring musicians and Dance instructors from Colonial Williamsburg

Beginning with our 17th Century Dance weekend at the historical 1915 Barn last February, we have sought to bring engaging hands-on educational experiences to town which are fun and inspirational.

Social Dance 2.jpg

Ages 5 to 83 gathered

…during three days together to make music, attend concerts, and learn dances such as the Minuet - all accompanied by skilled musicians on such rare instruments as the hurdy-gurdy and the serpent horn.

Photo by Rab Cummings

Photo by Rab Cummings

Making music as a group for no reason other than to sing together…

When our friend Moira Smiley comes to town we get together and sing as a group of over 20 families. Participants aged 5-20 have garnered a repertoire of nearly 20 songs gifted to them by Moira over the years. Pieces range from 4 part harmonies in Latin, to Moira’s own stomp arrangements of Americana folk tunes.